Effect of Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment on Selected Properties of Rice Husk and Its Particleboard

Peng Luo, Chuanmin Yang, Mengyao Li, Yueqi Wang


Rice husk has a water repellent wax layer on its surface and has high pH and buffering capacity, which inhibit surface adhesion and result in the poor strength and water resistance of rice husk particleboard bonded with water-borne urea formaldehyde (UF) resin. In this work, rice husks were pretreated with liquid hot water at different temperatures (130, 140, 150, and 160 °C) and residence times (10 and 20 min). Pretreated rice husks were used to produce particleboard with UF resin. The effects of liquid hot water pretreatment temperature and residence time on the wax contents and pH values were investigated. In addition, the buffering capacities of the rice husks and the mechanical properties and the water resistance of the rice husk particleboards were investigated. The results indicated that liquid hot water pretreatment remarkably reduced the wax contents, pH values, and buffering capacities of the rice husks. In addition, it improved the mechanical properties and water resistance of the rice husk particleboards. Liquid hot water pretreatment effectively improved bondability between rice husks and water-borne UF resin, and it enhanced the performance of the rice husk particleboard.


Rice husk; Particleboard; Liquid hot water pretreatment; Urea formaldehyde resin

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