Utilizing Computer Simulation to Optimize Furniture Production System

Roman Bambura, Erika Sujová, Helena Čierna


Computer simulation methods are currently used to simulate production processes and optimize production systems. Computer simulation is one of the most effective tools for implementation of Industry 4.0 principles in industrial practice. This research focused on the optimization of production processes in furniture production using simulation, which is an innovative method of production optimization for furniture manufacturers. The aim of this research was to improve the production system of Slovak furniture manufacturing enterprise by creating a discrete event simulation model of production based on the analysis of its current state. Improvement indicators are specific parameters of the production system, which primarily include material flow, productivity, and workload utilization. First, with the use of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software and the collected real production data, the original production system processes were simulated and analyzed. Second, the incorporation of more powerful devices was proposed to improve the production line. Third, the proposed improvements were simulated and analyzed. The result of this research was a statistical comparison of the parameters of the current production line and the proposed production improvements.


Furniture production system; Industry 4.0; Simulation model; Optimization of manufacturing processes

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