Mechanical Performance of Scots Pine Wood from Northwestern Poland – A Case Study

Edward Roszyk, Przemysław Mania, Elżbieta Iwańska, Władysław Kusiak, Magdalena Broda


Scots pine is one of the most commercially important wood species in Europe. This study assessed the potential usefulness of pinewood from the Noteć Forest for construction purposes by evaluating its mechanical properties and investigating the influence of the site conditions on the pinewood performance. Additionally, the variability of the mechanical properties from the bark to the pith was analyzed. The results showed that the properties of pinewood varied significantly within the Noteć Forest despite similar growing conditions, which may be a result of genetic variation. Wood from Sowia Góra had the greatest density (566 kg/m3) and excellent mechanical performance (compressive strength of 64 MPa), while wood from Zamyślin exhibited the lowest density (526 kg/m3) and a lower compressive strength (54 MPa). Comparison of the properties of the pinewoods from various locations indicated that the general conditions in the forest stand, however crucial for tree growth, were not the only determinants of wood performance. The results also showed high variability in density and mechanical properties between juvenile and mature wood in all the examined trees. Overall, pinewood from the poor habitats of the Noteć Forest could be a useful raw material for various industrial purposes.


Scots pine; Pinus sylvestris; Mechanical properties; Material characteristics; Compressive strength; Modulus of elasticity; Bending strength; Pinewood

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