Development of Cellulose-based Toys with Moulded Fibre Production Method

Engin Sarıkaya, Hakan Demirel


In this work, a toy was developed from bleached sulphate pulp via a moulded fibre production technique. Moulded fibre products are generally used to preserve main products from damage during transportation and stow them in a particular order. This work investigated the use of moulded fibre products in daily life as final products. Bleached softwood sulphate pulp was used for the experiments to avoid the potential hygiene problems of using recycled paper for toy production. The physical properties of different degrees of refined sulphate pulp were evaluated during toy sample production. The results indicated that toys produced with bleached softwood sulphate pulp had optimum compression strength (22 kpgf) at the 35 SR° freeness level. Produced prototypes satisfied EN 71-3:2013+A1(2014) in terms of migration element limits.


Lignocellulosic materials; Moulded products; Biodegradable products; Physical-mechanical properties; Optimization

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