Methacrylic Resin for Protection of Wood from Discoloration by Mould Growth and Weathering

Injeong Kim, Olov Karlsson, Olena Myronycheva, Dennis Jones, Dick Sandberg


The discoloration of uncoated wood surfaces in both outdoor and indoor use in non-heated spaces has become an increasing problem in European timber constructions due to the use of less toxic substances for protection and also changes in outdoor climate conditions, necessitating the use of protective coatings. To investigate the effect of methyl methacrylic (MMA) resin for the protection of wood from discoloration and mould growth, resin-treated wood surfaces were studied in a laboratory-scale mould test, as well as in an outdoor weathering test. Non-modified Scots pine and Norway spruce were used, and some of the test materials were also thermally modified. The resin suppressed mould growth for the laboratory-scale experiments. The protective effect was considerably reduced for outdoor tests. The MA resin did not effectively prevent the wood from greying from ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure; there was some protective effect detected on the pine. The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of weathered specimens showed a reduction of lignin-associated absorption bands for all treatments, which corresponded to the UV degradation and greying of the wood surface. It is suggested that MMA resin may provide adequate protection against mould growth on wood without direct exposure to rain and sunshine (e.g., attics, basements, etc).


Methacrylic resin; Scots pine; Norway spruce; Thermally modified timber; FTIR; Mould

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