Theoretical and Experimental Research on Slip and Uplift of the Timber-Concrete Composite Beam

Jianying Chen, Guojing He, Xiaodong (Alice) Wang, Jiejun Wang, Jin Yi, Chuanjian Yang


Timber-concrete composite beams are a new type of structural element that is environmentally friendly. The structural efficiency of this kind of beam highly depends on the stiffness of the interlayer connection. The structural efficiency of the composite was evaluated by experimental and theoretical investigations performed on the relative horizontal slip and vertical uplift along the interlayer between composite's timber and concrete slab. Differential equations were established based on a theoretical analysis of combination effects of interlayer slip and vertical uplift, by using deformation theory of elastics. Subsequently, the differential equations were solved and the magnitude of uplift force at the interlayer was obtained. It was concluded that the theoretical calculations were in good agreement with the results of experimentation.


Timber-concrete composite beam; Interlayer slip; Vertical uplift; bolt; Differential equations

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