Pilot Study on Low-density Binderless Bark Particleboards Manufacture from Gelam Wood (Melaleuca sp.) Bark

Eva Oktoberyani Christy, Soemarno Soemarno, Sumardi Hadi Sumarlan, Agoes Soehardjono


The production of low-density binderless bark particleboards (LDBBP) from gelam wood bark (GWB) using a hot pressing method at low temperature (128 °C) and pressure (30 kg × cm-2) was explored by examining their physical properties according to SNI 03-2105-2006 (2006). They were also examined via scanning electron microscope (SEM)-energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) observation. The LDBBPs were manufactured using two types of GWB particles: (1) bark waste that was peeled off of small-diameter trees < 10 cm (A) and, (2) bark that was directly peeled off from a standing tree with an average diameter of 10 cm to 15 cm (B). Results showed that the average values of the physical properties of LDBBP(A) and LDBBP(B) met the SNI 03-2105-2006 (2006) requirements in terms of density, moisture content, and thickness swelling after being immersed for 24 h for particleboard type 24-10 and type 17.5-10.5 with maximum thickness swelling requirement 20%. However, they failed to meet the maximum thickness swelling criterion of 12% for other particleboard types. Subsequent internal morphology observation using SEM indicated the presence of cracks on LDBBP (A), so only LDBBP (B) could be manufactured without delamination. Gelam bark could potentially be used to produce non-adhesive particleboards.


Gelam wood bark; Waste; Hot pressing; Valorisation, Low-density; Binderless bark particleboards; Physical properties

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