Investigation on Suitable Coating Material for Soy-lignin bonded Rhizophora spp. Particleboard for Medical Physics Applications

Siti Hajar Zuber, Nurul Ab. Aziz Hashikin, Mohd Fahmi Mohd Yusof, Rokiah Hashim


A phantom material was prepared with different percentages of soy-lignin bonded with Rhizophora spp. particleboard and different coating materials, including epoxy resin, gloss wood finish, and a mixture of epoxy resin and gloss wood finish. A set of samples without coating was prepared for comparison. Each sample was bonded with 6% or 12% soy-lignin adhesives. The aim was to investigate the suitability of different coating materials at low energy range. The water absorption, thickness swelling, surface roughness, and mass attenuation coefficients of the samples with various coating materials were examined. Water absorption and thickness swelling of the samples coated with different coating materials followed a similar trend, but only one sample (coated with gloss wood finish) was within the recommended value of 12% according to JIS A 5908 (2003). Surface roughness testing revealed that the sample coated with gloss finish was smoother than other coated and non-coated samples. The mass attenuation coefficient of the sample coated with gloss finish was similar to that of water, indicating its suitability as a coating material for the Rhizophora spp. particleboard in medical physics applications.


Particleboard; Rhizophora spp.; Coating material; Soy-lignin adhesive; Fabrication

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