Characterization of Mexican Waste Biomass Relative to Energy Generation

José Guadalupe Rutiaga-Quiñones, Luis Fernando Pintor-Ibarra, Rocio Orihuela-Equihua, Nicolás González-Ortega, María Alejandra Ramírez-Ramírez, Artemio Carrillo-Parra, Noel Carrillo-Ávila, Manuel Alonso Navarrete-García, Faustino Ruiz-Aquino, José René Rangel-Méndez, Juan José Hernández-Solís, Concepción Luján-Álvarez


In this work, physical and chemical analyses of 28 sawdust samples (tropical woods, pine woods, and oak woods) derived from the primary process of wood transformation and 4 samples of citrus residues were performed, as an option to make densified biofuels. The study included the determination of initial moisture, particle size distribution, proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, calculation of the calorific value, and ash microanalysis. The initial moisture content of the biomass samples ranged from 6.04 to 75.21%. The biomass granulometry results indicate that the highest proportion corresponds to the 1.0-mm (33.10%) (Fraction retained in mesh 0.5 mm). Other results obtained indicate the following ranges: ash content (0.27 to 6.27%), volatile matter (78.90 to 90.50%), fixed carbon (9.10 to 20.44%), carbon (49.13 to 50.78%), oxygen (42.62 to 44.49%), and hydrogen (5.24 to 6.55%). The calculated calorific value ranged from 17.65 MJ/kg to 20.72 MJ/kg. The chemical elements with the highest concentration in the biomass samples were K and Ca, followed in some cases by Al and P. The biomass with the greatest possibilities for making densified biofuels of better quality is the group of pine woods because they have low mineral content, low nitrogen content, and high calorific value.


Lignocellulosic residues; Bioenergy; Calorific value; Chemical analysis

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