Effect of Growth Ring Angle on Lateral Enlargement of Compressed Cryptomeria japonica Wood Impregnated with Polyethylene Glycol

Chikara Mizoguchi, Hiroki Sakagami, Noboru Fujimoto, Tetsuya Nakao


The lateral enlargement perpendicular to the compressive direction for small thin boards of Cryptomeria japonica was investigated to evaluate the effects of density and compressive directions to the radial (plane-sawn board) and 45 degrees of tilt to the radial (45º sawn board). Samples were impregnated with 200 and 20,000 molecular weight polyethylene glycol (PEG). The enlargement perpendicular to the fiber direction with deformation was obtained for heartwood and sapwood specimens treated only with PEG20,000. The compression ratio of specimens treated with PEG 20,000 exceeded the void volumes regardless of the wood density. Enlarged specimens of both sapwood and heartwood showed the inflection points in the force-compression ratio curve and no correlation between the compressive directions and lateral enlargement of specimens. In the local area showing the largest deformation, however, a weak positive correlation from plane-sawn boards and weak negative correlation from 45º sawn boards between the angles of compressive direction to growth ring and lateral enlargement were derived. Microfocus X-ray computer tomography in these areas showed the different morphological compressive deformations. The cells in the 45º sawn board were forced out due to each cell moving, whereas the radially arranged ones in the plane sawn board buckled under compression.


Compression; Enlargement; Polyethylene glycol; Growth ring angle; Cryptomeria japonica

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