Ergonomics of a Chinese Folk Bamboo Lounge Chair

Yifei Cheng, Onder Tor, Lingling Hu, Wei Zheng, Youming Yu


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly sustainable resource and is commonly used in furniture production in China. Limited research has been conducted in the field of ergonomics of bamboo furniture, which can greatly affect the seating experience. This study provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the main effects of seat surface curve, bending deflection of bamboo strips of seat, functions, and usability in a bamboo lounge chair provided in Zhejiang Province. The shape of the seat surface curve of the bamboo lounge chair included the seat-back angle of 134°, and the slope of the bamboo lounge chair seat was 16°. The deflection of bamboo strips of seat under vertical loading force of 336 N was 30.7 mm. In addition, the angles, deflection characteristic, and functions of the bamboo lounge chair were all human-centered design and suitable for human comfort, which can reduce maximum pressure and maintain normal lumbar spine curve in adult.


Bamboo lounge chair; Furniture; China; Ergonomics; Human-centered design

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