Off-field Transportation and Storage of Corn Stover with Medium-high Moisture Content Based on the Multistage Continuous Cold Roll Forming Method

Ning Ding, Haitao Li, An Yan, Shouzhong Li, Pingyi Liu, Wenjun Wei


The moisture content of corn stover during the harvest season in the Huang-Huai-Hai region of China is approximately 50%. To achieve rapid off-field transportation and to prolong its shelf life, a method suitable for corn stover with medium-high moisture content was considered based on the stover multistage continuous cold roll forming method. An orthogonal experiment was adopted by taking the moisture content, sterilization method, and inhibitor addition method as experimental factors and taking the shelf life, percent rebound, and density of the molding blocks as the experimental indices. It was found that the steam sterilization method can prolong the shelf life of the molding block the most. The percent rebound and the density were primarily affected by the moisture content, followed by the sterilization method. A comprehensive analysis indicated that the optimal treatment mode was a moisture content of 45%, and the optimal sterilization method was steam sterilization with no inhibitor. In this mode, the molding block can be stored for 72 h without mildew with an average temperature of 32 °C and an average humidity of 48% during the day. The percent rebound was 24.3%, and the density can reach 310 kg/m3 after the completion of rebound.


Corn stover; Roll forming; Rapid off-field; Shelf life; Orthogonal experiment

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