Evaluation of Sugarcane Leaves as a Substrate for Production of Palmitoleic Acid Using Cyberlindnera subsufficiens NG8.2

Patcharaporn Hoondee, Ratchana Pranimit, Somboon Tanasupawat, Ancharida Savarajara


Oil was produced from sugarcane leaves hydrolysate (SLH) in the newly isolated oleaginous yeast Cyberlindnera subsufficiens NG8.2, using a two-stage cultivation method. The SLH contained sugars derived from both the dilute acid pretreatment of leaves and subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis (16.6 g/L of glucose and 15.87 g/L of xylose). The Cyberlindnera subsufficiens NG8.2 produced oil containing 18.73 wt% of palmitoleic acid, with a 0.99-g/L oil yield when grown in the SLH. Removal of phosphate from the SLH by Ca(OH)2 treatment (SLH-P) resulted in an increased oil yield of 1.38 g/L, but the palmitoleic acid content of the oil decreased to 12.45 wt%. Supplementation of the SLH-P with 3.12 mM of Mg2+ increased the palmitoleic acid content in the oil to 15.80 wt% and the oil yield to 1.58 g/L, with a palmitoleic acid yield of 2.09 mg/g sugarcane leaves. Thus, sugarcane leaves are a promising feedstock for palmitoleic acid production using Cyberlindnera subsufficiens NG8.2.


Sugarcane leaves; Palmitoleic acid; Cyberlindnera subsufficiens; Ca(OH)2 treatment

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