Single Stage Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Pretreated Bio-oil

Yan Luo, Xuan Zhou, Hui Pu, Hongling Pan, Xiao Feng, Wenhai Ding, Chenfan Ding, Yiheng Dang


Raw bio-oil was pretreated and tested for hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) using three types of the commercial catalysts (HT-36, HT2300, and HT951T) to improve physio-chemical properties and enhance hydrocarbon yields. The three catalysts prompted different levels of hydrodeoxygenation, and the organic phase products (OLPs) yields were 25.30, 27.83, and 13.05 wt%, respectively. Moreover, OLPs had lower water content, total acid numbers (TAN), and O content as well as higher heating value (HHV), C, and H contents. For the three catalysts, HT-36 had the best HDO effects, resulting in 34.8% hydrocarbon production with improved HHV, water content value and TAN as well as element contents. The different level of HDO depended on the catalyst components, structure, and morphology. This research is beneficial for the selection and preparation of effective catalysts for bio-oil upgrading.


Bio-oil; Hydrodeoxygenation; Catalyst; GC-MS

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