Connection Performance Examination of a New Bamboo-Oriented Strand Board Connector

Runmin Xu, Kaiting Zhang, Linyan Ren, Fuli Wang, Zhenzhen Zhu, Tingting Zhang, Shengquan Liu, Yelong Fang, Yong Guo, Yuxia Chen


Bamboo-oriented strand board (BOSB) with superior physical properties can be used in the furniture industry to alleviate wood shortages. Two types of plug-in connectors were designed in this paper: a splint-type connector and V-type connector. By cantilever bending, corner tension, and compression tests of L-type corner joints of BOSB and wood-oriented strand board (WOSB), the connection performance of the new connectors and six typical connectors was compared. The new connectors function like clamps, do not require that a screw or bolt pass into or through the board, and can be assembled repeatedly. The V-type connectors were more suitable for BOSB, and the joints exhibited the highest ultimate bending moment values (133.9 N·m, 86.8 N·m, 117.7 N·m). The splint connectors were more suitable for WOSB and their ultimate bending moment values (57.1 N·m, 45.3 N·m, 61.3 N·m) were greater than the joints fixed by V-type connectors (50.4 N·m, 35.4 N·m, 46.1 N·m). The results revealed that the connector performance affects the joint strength and that different plates were suitable for different connectors. A joint failure analysis revealed two simple failure modes for the two new connectors.


Bamboo-oriented strand board; Plug-in connector; Removable connector

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