Modeling of Internally Recycled Material in Fibreboard Production Facility as a Tool for Economic and Environmental Assessment

Aleksandr Vititnev, Roman Marchenko, Anastasiya Rubinskaya, Anna Shishmareva


A rationale is presented for the wood fibre process modeling of internally recycled content in fibreboard production. Experimental studies were employed to obtain mathematical dependences in order to confirm the possibility of reusing wood fibre at various stages of the technological process. A wood fibre process model of internally recycled content was accrued out in which each processing stage was presented separately. Two methods for the preparation of wood fibre for reuse in fibreboard production were considered. To assess the effectiveness of the technologies proposed, the process modeling of internally recycled content was assessed from an economic and environmental point of view.


Wood fibre; Wood waste; Wood fibre recovery; Internal recycling; Modeling of internally recycled wood; Economic and environmental rationale

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