Spray Atomization Simulation of Bamboo Kraft Black Liquor with High Solid Content at Splash-plate Nozzle

Yongjian Xu, Shenglin Chen, Xin Du, Xiaopeng Yue


Increasing the solids content of pulping black liquor burned in a furnace is a development trend of the alkali recovery system in the pulp and paper industry. However, the viscosity of kraft black liquor increases exponentially with an increase in solids content, especially in the case of non-wood pulping black liquor, such as bamboo. This brings great difficulties to the pulping system and atomization of black liquor at the splash-plate nozzle, which is a complete atomization unit constituted of a splash nozzle and a splash plate. To obtain instructive results for industry, a simulation of the atomization process was made using Fluent software for the bamboo kraft black liquor with solids contents of 70 wt% and 80 wt%, which flowed through splash nozzles with the diameter of 22 or 20 mm. The studies were conducted on the distribution of flow field in the nozzle and atomization region through changing the injection pressure and nozzle diameter. The variation of atomization characteristic parameters, such as liquid film thickness, and breakup length, were elucidated. The results reveal the relationship between spray atomization with injection pressure and nozzle diameter, which provides a theoretical basis for improving the concentration of black liquor entering alkali recovery in the future.


Atomization simulation; High solid content; Fluent software; Splash-plate nozzle; Bamboo kraft black liquor

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