Modeling Product Distribution of Top-lit Updraft Gasification

Arthur M. James R., Cassie Castorena, Wenqiao Yuan


A kinetic model for predicting biochar, producer gas, and tar formations of top-lit updraft (TLUD) gasification was developed. The three main zones within the TLUD gasifier, the pyrolysis, incomplete combustion, and reduction reaction zones, were incorporated into the model and sequentially solved. Validated with experimental data, the model was found capable of predicting biochar yield on pine woodchips at varying airflow rates, biomass moisture contents, and biomass compactness. However, when the particle size was varied, the model underestimated biochar yield. The model also accurately predicted the higher heating value of the producer gas that varied from 3.45 to 3.98 MJ/m3 compared to 3.61 to 3.67 MJ/m3 for the experimental results. The model qualitatively predicted tar content in the producer gas at varying conditions. However, accurate quantification of tar generation in TLUD gasification was not achieved.


Top-lit updraft; Gasification; Kinetic model; Biomass; Producer gas

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