Recycling and Value-added Design of Discarded Wooden Furniture

Danren Yang, Jiangang Zhu


In the process of the “green revolution”, individuals have realized the importance of recycling waste materials. However, with ongoing individual changes in lifestyle, the huge resource of discarded wooden furniture is still considerably underutilized. This paper aims to provide new ideas for the recycling of discarded wooden furniture and to create added value to used furniture. Based on the summarization of existing recycling technology and methods, the diversified innovation and reuse of discarded wooden furniture integrating the current aesthetic and demand of people from multiple aspects are analyzed for the purpose of revealing the hidden value of waste materials. Waste recycling is of great importance to the country and enterprises in line with the concept of circular economy. For the sake of further excavating the hidden value of discarded wooden furniture products, the additional in-depth research in optimizing and upgrading green production and manufacturing in furniture industry is called for in the paper.


Discarded furniture; Recycling; Value-added design

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