Laccase Activity from Pleurotus ostreatus and Flammulina velutipes Strains Grown on Agro- and Forestry Residues by Solid-state Fermentation

Qi An, Ze-Yang Liu, Chun-Rui Wang, Jing Yang, Si-Yu Chen, Xi Chen, Yi-Jie Zhang, Lu-Sen Bian, Mei-Ling Han


Laccase activity from Pleurotus ostreatus and Flammulina velutipes strains was investigated with various agro- and forestry residues by solid-state fermentation. Different species or strains belonging to the same species had the unique capacity of secreting laccase on solid-state fermentation with various agro- and forestry residues. Overall, the capacity of secreting laccase for P. ostreatus strains was superior to F. velutipes strains due to the value of maximum activity on various agro- and forestry residues, except on the stalk of straw. Compared with Populus beijingensis, corncob, and stalk of straw, the presence of cottonseed hull was helpful to improve laccase activity for P. ostreatus strains because the maximum laccase activity from cottonseed hull was higher than that from the other three agro- and forestry residues. The presence of stalk of straw was more helpful to improve laccase activity for F. velutipes strains because of the maximum laccase activity from stalk of straw was higher that from Populus beijingensis, corncob, and cottonseed hull. These results indicated the importance of selecting suitable agro- and forestry residues for fungi producing laccase. These findings contributed to the selection of suitable strains to obtain an integrated application of low-cost laccase in the factory.


Pleurotus ostreatus; Flammulina velutipes; Laccase activity; Agro- and forestry residues; Solid-state fermentation

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