Effect of Thermal Modification on the Surface Quality of a Coating Applied to Wood via the Electrostatic Spray Deposition Technique

Nadir Ayrilmis, Memiş Akkuş, Sena Nur Yılmaz


The surface properties of thermally modified ash wood with a powder coating were investigated, and the results were compared to the unmodified wood. The wood specimens were sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and then pre-heated at 80 °C for 5 min in an infrared oven. The surface of the unmodified and the modified wood specimens were coated with an epoxy/polyester (1 to 1 ratio) hybrid coating using an electrostatic corona spray gun at the pilot plant established in the laboratory. The coatings on the wood specimens were cured at different curing conditions in an infrared oven, i.e., 120 °C/15 min, 140 °C/10 min, and 160 °C/10 min. The results showed that the thermal modification (TM) of the wood caused a slight decrease in the mechanical performance of the surface system (wood substrate and coating film). For example, the scratch and abrasion resistance of the unmodified specimens at the curing temperature of 120 °C were 3.33 N and 135 revolutions but were 3.12 N and 120 revolutions after the TM. However, the average surface roughness (1.26 mu) and contact angle (60.8°) of the distilled water on the cured coatings on the modified wood were lower than those on the unmodified wood (1.86 mu and 80.8°, respectively).


Electrostatic powder coating; Thermally modified wood; Surface quality; Ash wood

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