Effects of Accelerated Weathering Test on the Properties of Larch Wood

Liting Cheng, Yajing Di, Peng Zhao, Jian Dai, Zhiguo Yang, Yibin Chang


To investigate the changes of larch wood properties under the influence of long-standing exposure to the environment, the QUV accelerated weathering tester (fluorescent UV and condensation testers) was used to accelerate the weathering of wood within a given preset time, and the changes were studied by analogue simulation. The wood color changed noticeably under different weathering time, and it gradually darkened from light yellow to deep reddish brown. Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) analysis revealed that as the weathering time increased, the cell wall was broken, the pits were cracked, and the tracheids were damaged. The results of the energy spectrum analysis (O/C (oxygen/carbon)) showed an increasing trend in the ratio, indicating that the wood underwent an oxidation reaction induced by light. From the values of the two testing indexes and their change patterns with weathering time, the same trend was observed, with the values of modulus of elasticity (MOE) in static bending being greater than that in dynamic bending Ed (the dynamic modulus of elasticity). However, the variability of MOE was greater than that of Ed. A comparative analysis of the two detection indicators was performed. The relationship between the proposed combined correction Ed and weathering time was: y = 0.0000001017 t2 - 0.0006 t + 9.77.


Accelerated weathering; Wood property; Scanning electron microscope; Nondestructive testing; Fitting

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