Combination of Nano-CuO/Silica Sol Preservative with Various Post-treatments to Improve the Compressive Strength, Water Resistance, and Thermal Stability of Wood

Pengwei Zhao, Hong Yang, Guoqi Xu, Congxun Huang, Yan Zhong


A nano-CuO/silica sol wood preservative was obtained by dispersing CuO nanoparticles in propylene glycol and silica sol. Scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, and compressive tests were conducted to investigate the effects of different post-treatments, i.e., steaming at 100 °C and freezing at -30 °C, on the variations in microstructure, mechanical, physical, and thermal stability properties of the preservative-impregnated wood. The results revealed that the mechanical properties, water resistance, and thermal stability of the impregnated specimens were greatly ameliorated. The steaming treatment resulted in a more uniform and dense distribution of the preservative in the blocks. The steaming treatment performed better in terms of enhancing the compressive strength of the specimens, while the freezing treatment was more effective in improving the thermal stability of the specimens. Both the steaming and freezing treatments can considerably improve the water resistance of the specimens. The different post-treatments retain the basic properties of the wood; however, they differ in the improved wood properties and provide a basis for their selection in the industrial production of nano-preservatives.


Wood preservatives; Steaming; Freezing; Physical and mechanical properties; Wood protection

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