Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation Strategies for the Biorefining of Pine Sawdust

Carolina Mónica Mendieta, Fernando Esteban Felissia, Ana María Arismendy, Julia Kruyeniski, Maria Cristina Area


This work aims to evaluate second-generation bioethanol production from the soda-ethanol pulp of pine sawdust via two strategies: separate hydrolysis and fermentation and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. A kinetics study of the enzymatic hydrolysis of separate hydrolysis and fermentation was included as a design tool. Three soda-ethanol pulps (with different chemical compositions), Cellic® Ctec2 cellulolytic enzymes, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae IMR 1181 (SC 1181) yeast were employed. The obtained kinetic parameters were as follows: an apparent constant (k) of 11.4 h-1, which represents the link frequency between cellulose and cellulase; a Michaelis-Menten apparent constant (KM) of 23.5 gL-1, that indicates the cellulose/cellulase affinity; and the apparent constant of inhibition between cellulose-glucose and cellulase (KI), which was 2.9 gL-1, 3.1 gL-1, and 6.6 gL-1 for pulps 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The kinetic model was applicable, since the calculated glucose values fit the experimental values. High bioethanol yields were obtained for pulp 3 in the separate hydrolysis and fermentation and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation processes (89.3% and 100% after 13 h and 72 h, respectively).


Biorefinery; Pine sawdust; Bioethanol; Kinetic model; Michaelis-Menten

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