Investigation of Vegetative Properties and Generative Production of the Potential Ornamental and Narrow Endemic Species Verbascum yurtkuranianum (Scrophulariaceae) for Ex situ Conservation

Kamil Erken


Verbascum yurtkuranianum is a narrow endemic species occurring in a single location, the northern Bursa province (Turkey). It is an endangered and potentially ornamental plant. No conducted study on its life and biology, production, and aesthetic features is available. This study aimed to reveal its vegetative properties, seed characteristics, methods and requirements for seed germination, germination speed, and potential ornamental value so it can be conserved ex situ and produced. Verbascum yurtkuranianum has potential value as an ornamental plant regarding its aesthetic features as a flower. This study revealed that the total number of individuals in the species is 788. Without any treatment, 70.7% germination rate is achieved if the seeds are stored at 4 °C. The optimum germination temperature was from 15 to 20 °C (77.3% and 78.7%, respectively), and the photoperiod regulation for seed germination was 12/12 or 8/16 (light/dark) hours (74.7% and 76.0%, respectively). The most effective treatment to promote germination rate was found by implementation of 60 min ultrasonic waves (94.3%) or application of 120 min vacuum (95.3%). Germination occurred between 8 and 10 days. A parcel of ex situ conservation was constituted with the seedlings obtained from the germination studies.


Verbascum yurtkuranianum; Endemic; Ex situ conservation; Seed germination; Ultrasonic wave; Vacuum; Ornamental plant

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