Factors Affecting Enterprise Level Green Innovation Efficiency in the Digital Economy Era – Evidence from Listed Paper Enterprises in China

Zhengxia He, Wenqi Lu, Guihong Hua, Jianming Wang


The Guidelines on Building a Market-Oriented Green Technology Innovation System, which was released by China in 2019, has become a powerful signal to guide the development of green technology innovation (GTI). In the current digital strategy of China, the public media has become a key factor for promoting the transparency of enterprise environmental information. This paper measures the GTI efficiency of the listed paper enterprises in China as well as incorporating media attention into the research framework to explore the influencing factors of GTI of the listed paper enterprises in China during the digital economy era. The results showed that a positive media report had a positive impact on GTI and has become a new driving factor in promoting sustainable production in the digital era. Government support and openness also have a positive impact on GTI. However, negative media reports, environmental regulations, and technological innovation abilities have an inhibitory effect on the GTI efficiency of paper making enterprises.


Green technology innovation; Media attention; Tobit model; Environmental regulation; Digital economy

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