Evaluation and Comparison the Properties of Acoustic Boards Made of Date Palm Fiber

Mehdi Alishiri, Amir Hooman Hemmasi, Habibollah Khademi Eslam, Sedigheh Basirjafari, Mohammad Talaeiypour


Applying acoustic panels made of natural fibers, due to their high biodegradable characteristics, light weight, low density, cheap price and non-toxicity, are proper alternatives to acoustic absorbers made of synthetic fibers. Considering their stance and vast applicability in industry, the possibility of producing them of natural palm fibers with sodium silicate adhesive of 10 and 20% in two 16 and 32 mm thicknesses, 350 and 450 kg/m3 densities, 50 and 100 mm particles length (strands), as variable factors in 16 types of matched panels with 3 repetitions is proposed in this article. The palm-trunk discs constituted the control sample. The effect of variables on sound absorption coefficient was assessed. The effect of variable thickness and adhesive percentage on all frequencies was significant and the effect of density variable on all frequencies except 250 and 2000 Hz was also significant. The effect of particle length was significant except at the 500 Hz frequency. The effects of all variables on porosity were significant. The results of this study suggest that by applying date palm-trunk (an agricultural waste) combined with sodium silicate adhesive, industrial environment-friendly panels can be produced with proper sound absorption coefficient in the field of acoustics. This 32-mm-thick panel was composed of 80% date palm-trunk particles of 50 mm length, 450 kg/m3 density, and 20% sodium silicate adhesive.


Sodium silicate; Sound absorption coefficient; Impedance tube; Date Palm-trunk; Porosity

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