Optimization of Wood Fibre Refining Process in Fibreboard Production with New Refiner Disc Working Surface Geometry

Aleksandr Vititnev, Natalia Chistova, Yuri Alashkevich, Venera Matygulina, Roman Marchenko


Refining of fibrous semi-finished products is an important stage in fibreboard production because the efficiency of this stage affects the resulting fibres’ dimensional and qualitative characteristics. These, in turn, determine the physical and mechanical properties of the finished products, as well as the energy intensity of the process. The efficiency of this process depends on the raw materials used and the geometry of the refiner disc working surface and its operational modes. This article presents the results of the optimisation of wood fibre refining at a low concentration (2 to 4%), using fundamentally new refiner discs in high-density fibreboard production. Based on numerous theoretical and experimental studies, and on the results of processing, the problem of optimising the refining process was solved, taking into account the use of new refiner disc geometry. As a result, the optimal values of refiner process parameters and operation modes making it possible to prepare wood-fibre semi-finished products efficiently while reducing power consumption in refining were established. After optimising the refining process, the new geometry of refiner disc working surfaces provides optimal dimensional and qualitative characteristics of wood fibres, which results in finished products with high physical and mechanical properties in accordance with GOST 4598 (2018) without using bonding resins.


Refining; Refiner disc geometry; Fibrillation; Wood-fibre semi-finished product; Fibreboards; Optimization

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