Prediction of Elastic Modulus and Mid-span Deflection of Bamboo-wood Composite Laminates

Aonan Chen, Yi Liang, Zhilin Jiang, Jianping Sun


To better guide the manufacturing of bamboo-wood composite laminates, classical theory, first-order shear theory, and finite element method were used to predict the elastic modulus and deflection of bamboo-wood composite laminates. The influence of the adhesive layer on the elastic modulus and deflection of composite materials was considered. The effect of transverse shear on the mechanical properties of materials became smaller and smaller with an increasing span-to-height ratio. The effects of the adhesive layer on the elastic modulus and deflection were ± 0.5% and -0.1% to 0.3%, respectively. The transverse elastic modulus and mid-span deflection predicted by the three methods were quite different from the experimental results. When the span-to-height ratio was equal to 20, the prediction error of longitudinal elastic modulus by the three methods was less than 6%, which can be used to predict the elastic modulus of composite materials. The results provide a novel method to predict the properties of bamboo-wood composite laminates.


Bamboo-wood composite laminates; Classical theory; First-order shear theory; Finite element

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