Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Bio-based Composites Produced from Hydro-thermal Treated Wheat Straw

Ümit Büyüksarı, Ömer Özyürek


Bio-composites were produced from untreated (UT) and hydro-thermally treated (HTT) wheat straw (WS) particles and wood, and their dimensional stability and mechanical properties were investigated. The HTT treatment consisted of subjecting the WS particles to a steam explosion process for 8 min at 180 °C. The HTT and UT WS particles were mixed with the wood particles at 10, 20, 30, and 40% ratios. The physical properties, including density, water absorption (WA), and thickness swelling (TS), were determined for the bio-based composites. The mechanical properties evaluated included the modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity, and internal bond strength. Statistical analyses showed that the hydro-thermal treatment and the WS ratio had significant effects on the dimensional stability and mechanical properties of the bio-composites. The WA of the composites after 2-h and 24-h rose significantly when the HTT WS particle ratio was increased from 10 to 40%. The 2-h and 24-h WA values of HTT-10 were 6.3% and 5.3% lower than those of UT-10, respectively. Improvements in the 2-h TS value were achieved by the HTT WS particles at the 10% ratio, and in the 24-h TS value at the 10 and 40% ratios. The mechanical properties of the composites were higher in the HTT group, but decreased in both the UT and HTT groups as the WS ratio increased.


Hydro-thermal treatment; Composite; Wheat stalks; Dimensional stability; Mechanical properties

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