A Literature Review on Cold-Formed Steel-Timber Composite Structures

Fabiana Y. Moritani, Carlos E. J. Martins, Alfredo M. P. G. Dias


State-of-the-art steel-timber composite structures (STC), using cold-formed steel (CFS) and cross-laminated timber (CLT), are considered in this review. Literature on this type of construction solution is reviewed to provide an overview of the characteristics and advantages of STC. Previous experimental and numerical studies with STC structures, mainly composite solutions with CFS beams and CLT panels, are discussed to assess the behavior of this structural typology. A comprehensive description of the connection systems performance in different STC structures is also provided. Furthermore, the design and analytical methods currently available are presented. Likewise, details on aspects related to dynamic properties and fire resistance are discussed.


Cold-formed steel; Cross-laminated timber; Composite structures; Connection; Hybrid structures; Wood-based structures

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