Innovative Design of Modern Mortise and Tenon Structure under the Concept of Green Reduction

Wei Wu, Jian’gang Zhu, Wei Xu, Fei Han, Xinghuan Wu, Xu Wang


In the furniture industry, some traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joints are not suitable for the current requirements for carbon reduction and environmental protection of furniture products. This article aims to explore new ideas and new methods of modern mortise and tenon structure design. The reduction principle in the green design concept is introduced for the furniture modern mortise and tenon structure design. Based on modern furniture, a systematic analysis of the modern mortise and tenon structure design is carried out. Additionally, this review discusses the method of applying the reduction principle in modern tenon and tenon structure design in the context of green design. The development status and trend of modern mortise and tenon structure design is summarized and an innovative design practice of modern mortise and tenon structure is carried out. The combination of green design and furniture design has important practical significance in a modern context.


Reduce; Mortise-and-tenon joint; Innovative design

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