Evaluation of the Capacity of Laccase Secretion of Four Novel Isolated White-rot Fungal Strains in Submerged Fermentation with Lignocellulosic Biomass

Qi An, Wen-Yi Shi, Yi-Xuan He, Wen-Yao Hao, Kai-Yue Ma, Xi Chen, Jing Yang, Xun-You Yan, Lu-Sen Bian, Cong-Sheng Li, Mei-Ling Han


The capacity of novel isolated white-rot fungi secreting laccase was evaluated for various kinds of lignocellulosic biomass in submerged fermentation. The laccase secreted by Neofomitella fumosipora Han 386 and Pleurotus pulmonarius Han 527 was significantly faster than that by Coriolopsis trogii Han 751 and Coriolopsis sanguinaria An 282. Maximum laccase from N. fumosipora Han 386 on the four kinds of lignocellulosic biomass tested appeared on the first day. This phenomenon indicated that N. fumosipora Han 386 secreted laccase rapidly compared with other tested strains in this study and showed the superiority in the rate of secreting laccase. Based on the maximum laccase activity, the ability of secreting laccase of C. sanguinaria An 282 was superior to other tested novel isolated strains. On the whole, N. fumosipora Han 386 and P. pulmonarius Han 527 preferred Toona sinensis to produce laccase, C. trogii Han 751 preferred to produce laccase on Populus beijingensis, and C. sanguinaria An 282 grown on Sorghum straw was more suitable for secreting laccase. The results will be helpful for developing bioprocesses using various kinds of lignocellulosic biomass for lignocellulolytic enzyme production and enlarging the number of laccase producing strains for industrial application.


Capacity of laccase secretion; Novel isolated strains; White-rot fungi; Lignocellulosic biomass; Submerged fermentation

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