Establishing a Strategic Plan for Conservation of a Historical Woman’s Coat

Omar Mohamed Abdel-Kareem


Treatment, preservation, restoration, display and storage of composite objects such as historical costumes are not easy subjects. The type of materials such as fibers, dyes, finishes, leather, fur, paper and metal threads, and the complexity of structure make the risk of damage too great. Most of methods that are commonly used in the conservation of historical textile objects are designed for flat textiles. Many costume items can be safely conserved by using special conservation processes adapted and designed for historical three-dimension textile objects. This study aims to establish a strategic plan for the conservation of a historical outdoor woman’s coat. Also to develop and adapt some textile conservation processes which could be applied to the conservation of historical costumes containing different materials. The coat was investigated using different methods such as SEM and HPLC. Examination of the woman’s coat indicated that the object was very soiled with additional stains and extensive damage especially to the decoration and fur parts. Given the condition of the object some suggested cleaning methods were evaluated to predict the most suitable method that can be used for cleaning of this object from dirt and soils. A further study was carried out to evaluate some selected methods suggested to reinforce the coat. The study recommends that surface cleaning with suitable chemicals can be used locally to remove staining. After cleaning the object, the consolidation process can be adapted to mount the object on a new linen fabric with stitches. The woman’s coat should be displayed according to standard methods that are recommended for displaying the three dimensional textiles. Finally guidelines are suggested for controlling and preventing the deterioration of the coat in a display showcase.

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