Comfort and Thermo Physiological Characteristics of Multilayered Fabrics for Medical Textiles

Kandhavadivu Mallikarjunan, T. Ramachandran, B. Geetha Manohari


Multilayered fabrics consist of different layers of the fabrics which has the ability to complement and maximize the essential comfort properties for a bed linen. Presence of more number of layers can reduce pressure, temperature, shear and friction developed on body and also enhance the moisture absorbency and moisture vapor transport property. Few hospitals are providing uncomfortable tough mattress, covered by water proof coated fabric cover, over which simple single layered cotton bedspread is being used, which makes the patient highly uncomfortable due the strain on the contact areas and excessive heat generated. Excess compression in the contact area damages the blood vessels, leading to bedsores of different degrees with unbearable pain. In this research work an effort as made to produce a pressure reliving mattress and bed sheet, a pressure relieving support surface was developed with super soft polyurethane foam, with horizontal and vertical drill holes connected to an air circulation device to give enough air circulation and pressure distribution to more area. Single layered and multi layered bed sheets have developed using fibers like lyocel, cotton, polypropylene and micro polyester fibers in different fabric structures. The comfort properties such as air permeability, water absorbency, wicking, water vapor permeability and thermal conductivity of multilayered fabrics have tested and their test results are discussed. The comfort properties of multilayered bed mattress with selected combination of fabrics have been studied with and without air circulation system for improving the pressure and temperature of the patient have been reported.

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