Potential Application of Orange Peel (OP) as an Eco-friendly Adsorbent for Textile Dyeing Effluents

Heba Farouk Mansour, Assrar Ahmed Gomaa, Azza Mohamed Gamal


The use of low-cost and eco-friendly adsorbents has been investigated as ideal alternatives to the current expensive methods for removing dyes from waste water. Orange peel (OP) was used as a low cost natural waste adsorbent for textile dyes from aqueous solution. The effectiveness of (OP) in adsorbing ;C.I. Direct Red 79 (DR 79) and C.I. Direct Yellow 27 (DY 27) from their dye baths has been studied as a function of pH, solid/liquid ratio, agitation time and initial dye concentration. The sorption isotherms were analyzed using Langmuir and Frendlich models. The results indicated that acidic solutions supported the adsorption of the studied dyes within (OP). Adsorption kinetic models were analyzed using the pseudo-first, second order equation and intraparticle diffusion equation. The results showed that the order equation fitted the experimental data very well. By the way, the effect of adsorbent surface was analyzed by scanning electron microscope (SEM), whereas the SEM images showed reasonable agreement with adsorption measurements.

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