A New Approach to Assess Objectively the Workforce’s Performance: the Development of a New Competence Index

Zouhour Chourabi, Faouzi Khedher, Amel Babay, Morched Cheikhrouhou


Till now, in the apparel industry the workforce quality assessment is subjective and it is done by individual judgment based on quotations. The purpose of this study is to determine an objective evaluation of a product manufacturing quality in terms of workforce competence. Our approach is to express the capability of each worker in each executed operation by an index which contains both work quality and production capacity. So, a Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) method which is the Weighted Sum Model (WSM) is used. To determine the work quality, correct indicators are required. So, in a first step a Measurement System Analysis (MSA) is essential to analyze the system providing these indicators. The measurement system stabilization gives a confidence in reliability of extracted data and guarantees a fair workers judgment. Therefore, an objective competency matrix reflecting the level of labor is obtained by calculating the Competence Index. This database is useful to pilot optimally the work group and can be used to develop a dashboard that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce performed an article. Containing many indicators, the dashboard reveals a general overview on the operator’s performance and production process vulnerability in the face of hazards. From this dashboard, the company managers can make correct decisions about formations and recruitments. The Competence Index is also used to optimize the line balancing. This optimization allows working with the most performing group. It helps to minimize defects and increase productivity so improve the company's earnings.

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