An Exploration of how Work Study Techniques can Optimize Production in Zimbabwe’s Clothing Industry

Denford Fadzai Chisosa, Walter Chipambwa


Work study has received important clothing industrial acclaim due to its effect on productivity, quality and competitiveness of an entity. Work study techniques raise the efficiency of production and can be used in all manufacturing as a scientific approach. In this study qualitative approach has been employed where in-depth individual interviews were used to tape in the intricate issues. Six clothing companies were purposeful sampled and from within designated managers were randomly chosen from each company because of their experience, proficiency and knowledge of the topic. The study revealed lack of work study implementation, resistance to change and the negative perceptions employees attach with work changes. Overally, the research managed to bring the inefficiency of the clothing manufacturing companies without work study. For the clothing sector to achieve success, implementation of work study techniques is highly recommended to increase production capacities for the firms into clothing manufacturing business.

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