Scopes of Acid Washing with Varying Concentrations of Phosphoric Acid vis-à-vis Bleach Wash

Md. Jakir Hossain, Md. Saiful Hoque, Muhammad Abdur Rashid


To acquire different fading effect and aesthetic outlook several techniques are applied in order that bleach wash is mostly used. As we know many limitations of bleach wash so our main motive is to find out an alternative method which can deliver same or better positive result than bleach wash. For this instance, we intend different concentrated acid wash and draw a comparison between acid and bleach wash on 100% cotton indigo dyed denim fabric. During our research, denim garments were developed using three parameters; bleach concentration 10 gm/L, temperature 40°C, time 20 minutes where acid concentration 0.5 to 2.5 ml/L, temperature 50°C, time 15 minutes. Due to change in acid concentration, the variation of its physical and mechanical properties like strength, weight loss, GSM, EPI & PPI and absorbency are observed. Furthermore, we focus on the color change properties such as wash, rubbing and perspiration fastness, CMC, K/S value and whiteness index. At the end of our study, we noticed that acid washed garments exhibit a promising disparity in almost all properties than bleach washed garments including same fading effects of bleach wash is accomplished by using 2% phosphoric acid in case of acid washing on denim fabric.

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