Online Consumer Choice: Footwear Design and Visual Presentation

Osmud Rahman


There has been scant empirical research devoted to footwear. The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of how female consumers search, select and evaluate footwear. A mixed-research approach was employed for this study. A questionnaire survey and semi-structured interview were conducted with 21 female students, including the five participants who took part in the eye-tracking study. A total of six different pairs of shoes were selected for the investigation of eye-tracking process. According to the results of this study, fit and comfort are the two most important factors for footwear evaluation. This study also indicated that fit, comfort and style are closely related. Many participants did not feel comfortable purchasing shoes online without trying them on. The results of eye-tracking study indicated that majority of the participants spent more time viewing the top, side and toe of the shoes rather than the back and ankle.

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