Performance Characteristics of Knitted Fabrics made from 100% Cotton and Cotton/Elastane Blended Yarns

Dereje Berihun Sitotaw, Rotich K. Gedion


The study focuses on the performance characteristics of single jersey, single pique, two thread fleece, 1x1rib and interlock knitted fabrics in relation to Elastane yarn presence in the combed cotton yarn. An Elastane yarn accounts for about 5% content (40denier = 133Ne) while cotton accounts for 95% content (35 Ne) in the 28Ne combed cotton/Elastane blended yarn (cotton/Elastane = 95/5%) and the Elastane is plied with the cotton yarn. The comparison was done between cotton/Elastane yarn knitted fabrics and 100% cotton yarn knitted fabrics and within the structures. The tests have been done on the bursting strength, abrasion and pilling resistances of single jersey, 1x1rib, single pique, two thread fleece and interlock knitted fabrics using digital bursting strength tester and Martindale abrasion and pilling tester by conditioning for 24hours at 21oc±1 and 65±2% RH. As found from the study, the presence of Elastane yarn influences significantly by decreasing the bursting strength and increasing an abrasion resistance of the five knitted fabrics. The pilling resistance of knitted fabrics such as 1x1rib and interlock decreased while single jersey, single pique and two thread fleece knitted fabrics increased significantly due to 5%Elastane yarn in 95% combed cotton yarn.

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