Influence of Feed Yarn Techniques on Absorption Rate of Bi-material knitted Single Jersey Fabrics

P. Kanakaraj, R. Ramachandran


Innovation in product developments reveals higher benefits in the applications of functional and aesthetic aspects. The knitted fabrics are used in development of moisture management products than other fabrics. In this study the single jersey fabrics are produced with bi-materials such as polyester/cotton, polypropylene/cotton and nylon/cotton. The cotton leed yarn feed, synthetic leed yarn feed, combined yarn feed and plated feed techniques were adopted for the production of plain jersey fabrics. The rate of water absorption (percentage area/second) of the produced fabrics has studied using Adobe Photoshop CS-2. The influence of feeding techniques on absorption rate of jersey fabrics was studied. Based on result and statistical analysis, it reveals the absorption rate of the various bi-material knitted fabrics has significant difference with respect to yarn feeds and variation of time periods. The polyester constituted knitted fabrics has higher absorption rate as compared to other combination yarn feed fabrics.

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