Approach Development for Surveillance Assistance: Spinning Mill Application

Walid Chaouch, Mohamed Ben Hassen, Faouzi Sakli


Monitoring the state and the efficiency of cleaning and carding equipment is a good method of determining if the equipment is operating properly to get a better understanding about the actual machine performance.
The paper attempts to develop and prove different empiric formulas to determine the partial efficiency index of spinning machines (machines of blowroom and cards) such as: Cleaning efficiency, Neps increase efficiency, Neps removal efficiency, Percent short fibers efficiency, Tenacity efficiency and Length efficiency. The implicit goal is to be able to evaluate the global efficiency index of various spinning machines by taking into account these different partial efficiency indexes. In addition, we proposed establishing an approach "Dynamic Method put in Scale (DMS)" which is an attempt to combine two techniques: objective reasoning and mathematical formulas to solve many complex system problems, especially when a system is difficult to model and control by a human operator or expert.
We used the DMS to determine the global index efficiency, in order to solve a spinning problem by evaluation of the cleaners and simulating the efficiency for the different process stages during the treatment.

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