Influence of Can-spring Stiffness, Delivery Speed and Sliver Coils Position on Unevenness

Sukhvir Singh, Niranjan Bhowmick, Anand Vaz


The object of this study is to analyze the combed sliver, roving and yarn unevenness caused by the use of older and inadequate can spring for combed sliver handling at finisher drawframe stage. The Can-spring stiffness decreases with time due to fatigue loading which can influence the stored combed sliver quality during sliver deposition and withdrawal. The study aims to investigate the influence of can-spring stiffness, sliver deposition speed and sliver coils position on combed sliver, roving and yarn unevenness. For sample planning, three-factor three levels Box-Behnken experimental design was adopted. Analysis of variance was also performed to check the statistical significance of all the observed responses. The effect of sliver coils position and can-spring stiffness has been found significant on unevenness.
Keywords: Combed sliver, can-spring stiffness, coils position, yarn

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