Performance Analysis of Ultrafine Denier Nonwoven Produced Through Pie – Wedge Split Technique in the Development of Active Wear

Ramachandran Rajagopalan


Comfort is the necessity of any sportsmen during his play which is very well derived by the wicking and absorption property of the textile material. The nonwoven in general has good absorption characteristics but their poor strength hinders them from usage in apparel. Selection of ultrafine denier nonwoven provides the possibility in making of sportswear through nonwoven. Sportswear using ultrafine denier nonwoven has been developed to provide better comfort through greater absorption and wicking of sweat from the body surface to the environment. The ultrafine denier nonwoven constitutes of Polyester and Nylon 6 blend (70/30) of GSM 130 and 170 have been selected for making the sportswear. These fabrics were dyed using disperse dye. The perspiration level of different parts of the body is studied and the sportswear is designed based on the study results. The ultrafine denier nonwoven fabrics were used in the design of the garment where the human body is prone to have higher perspiration level. The fabrics were evaluated for its mechanical and comfort characteristics such as tensile strength and elongation, abrasion resistance, stiffness, air permeability, water absorption, moisture vapor permeability , wicking and compared with 100% knitted sports fabric of similar areal density. Single factor ANOVA followed by post HoC test (Tukey HSD) has also been done to analyze the significant difference between the results.

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