"Smart Maternity Wear" - an Answer to Longevity Problem of Maternity Wear

Noopur Anand


Maternity wear is a functional garment specially designed to address the anthropometric growth in the human body during pregnancy. These garments are designed such that they have enough space on waist to accommodate the maximum growth on waist and also have roominess on hip, bust and bicep which is corresponding to the growth in human body during maternity. These garments are serviceable only for the second and third trimester of pregnancy i.e. 6 months. This paper explores the possibility of using features to make the maternity wear fit well and hence remain serviceable pre-pregnancy, during-pregnancy and post pregnancy periods. Such garment designs are achieved through- pattern styling features (like Godet, Gores, Accommodating Silhouette, Appropriate Trims, Placket Placements etc.), Construction features (like Smoking, Pleats etc.), Pattern Engineering (to achieve innovative deigns) and typical fabrics selections (fabrics which are forgiving in nature). The author undertook the research to develop such garments and called them ”Smart Maternity Wear”. The research methodology included first conducting a survey across India to understand the desired features and expectations of the target group, developing smart maternity wear keeping in view the inputs thus received and finally collecting the feedback from the target group on the developed garments. The garments were well appreciated by the target group as they provided good styling, fit and comfort with longevity.

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