The Influence of Yarn and Knit Structure on Comfort Properties of Sportswear Fabric

R. Ramratan, Awadesh Kumar Choudhary


The moisture management behaviour of knitted activewear made of micro polyester, texturized polyester and polyester spandex blend; knitted in different structures - single jersey, rib and interlock was analysed using multi-dimensional liquid transport properties and fabric structural parameters. In this research work, moisture management property is evaluated through dry rate performance, air permeability, water vapour permeability, vertical wicking height. The conclusions derived indicate the best performance from the plain single jersey knit structure manufactured using Micro Polyester. The moisture management properties are found to be directly correlated with dry rate performance, water vapour permeability and vertical wicking. These all properties are further associated with a porosity of structure and microchannels available for water transportation, which is highest in case of micro polyester yarn and single jersey knit.

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