Quality Aspects of Sustainable Handloom Denim Fabrics Made of Hand Spun and Machine Spun Cotton Yarn

Kalesh Nath Chatterjee, Deependra Sharma, Harinder Pal


Denim industry, the products of which are largely used in textile clothing, is an important subsector of the textile industry. Today, the industry is facing many criticisms due to huge amount of energy consumption, water consumption and hazardous nature of various chemicals being used throughout the vertical channel right from raw material extraction till disposal phase and disturbing the eco system. In spite of environmental concern, the trend indicates that the worldwide demand of denim products over the last few decades has increased tremendously. Considering the global jeans production estimated to be more than 3.5 billion unit per annum, the extent of environmental damage caused by this industry is quite evident. Hence the question of sustainable production arises in denim industry. Keeping this in view, denim fabric produced by handloom weaving is evaluated. The effect of using hand spun yarn as the weft of fabric and impact of handloom weaving on denim fabric is considered. It is found that higher stretchability, better crease recovery, lower flexural rigidity, lesser tensile and tear strength for handloom denim using hand spun yarn in weft direction when compared with industrial denim fabric.

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