Introduction of Potassium Permanganate spray with Laser Treatment to Achieve Improved Fading and Mechanical Properties of Denim Fabric

Muhammad Abdur Rashid, Md. Sohag Miah, Md. Abu Bakar Siddique, Md. Abdul Hannan


Nowadays, faded denim garments have become one of the exoteric fashion trends among the young generation. As a result, denim washing turns into a crucial issue in the washing plant to meet the consumer demand. In this research, denim cotton fabrics were washed with laser followed by potassium permanganate (pp) spray, also with similar alternative processes like laser, whiskering, enzyme and stone wash etc. This study provides a set of experimental results, discussion, and comparison among the different denim washed processes. Among them, laser with pp spray faded fabric shown better mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation properties, tear strength etc. than only laser, whiskering, enzyme and stone faded samples. Moreover, Color Measurement Committee (CMC) and reflectance data presented also better values for laser with pp spray faded fabrics and it has shown lower Color Strength (K/S) value than other similar alternative processes. Yellowness index and whiteness index values are almost similar at all of the washed processes. Dimensional stability and weight loss% of the laser+PP faded samples are lower than the similar alternatives. Surface of the differently treated samples were examined by microscope and got less protruding fibers in case of laser and laser+PP compare to others. Even though, the laser+PP fading process could be reduced processing time, lesser consumption of energy and water, as well as it provides improved product quality and potential process integration.

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