Improvement of the UV-protective Properties of Cotton Fabric Dyed with Polyfunctional Reactive Dye Modified from Reactive Red

Reham Farouk, Elham A. El-Kharadly, Ahmed H. M. Elwahy, Hekmat I. Ibrahim, Adalla A. Mousa


Synthesis and characterization of polyfunctional reactive dye having modified structure from CI Reactive Red 120 was studied. The modification was carried out by replacing the two orthanilic acid moieties presented in the commercial reactive dye with two 1-aminobenzene-4--sulphatoethylsulphone moieties. Optimum exhaustion and total fixation for both dyes on cotton fabric were achieved at 80 g/l sodium sulphate, 15 g/l sodium carbonate for the synthesized polyfunctional dye, 20 g/l sodium carbonate for the commercial dye at 80 C for both dyes. The synthesized polyfunctional dye exceeds by about 9% in its total fixation values than that of the commercial reactive dye. The UV protective properties for both reactive dyes were examined at different dye concentrations. The samples dyed with the synthesized polyfunctional dye achieved UPF values exceeds by about 19-22% than those samples dyed with the commercial dye. The synthesized polyfunctional dye exhibited higher fastness properties than the commercial dye.

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